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Plant the seed, and show them the way…

Nonprofit organizations serve many purposes. Feeding the hungry to name a few, however, nothing stands out more than a community group with a vision to serve our youth. The children are our future leaders, they are our future in a nutshell. Our beautiful brown babies from impoverished neighborhoods deserve every single opportunity of exposure to learn the when, where, and how’s of success.


I am truly honored to share with my readership a group of young boys who are truly making a name for themselves here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. They are learning a multitude of important life skills from some very influential pillars of our community. The Young Investors of Virginia Club comes highly recommended for any young man who has a desire to learn about entrepreneurship, real estate, and the beginnings of stock market investment. This newly formed group in my humble opinion speaks volumes to the idea of teaching one, while reaching one.

Young Investors of Virginia Club Mantra:

I am a young investor

I invest in myself

I invest in my community

I learn the generation before

I teach the generation behind me


Her smile is infectious, her soul is contagious, her energy is magic, and all the accolades of community merit go out to the founder, Ms. Keyzia. We first met about two years ago, at a summer dinner celebration. She sat across the table from me, filled with her vision, ready to share with the whole world, how she literally wanted to make a change. I was a bit mesmerized at first, and then I began to really listen to what she was saying about the importance of creating opportunities for our young boys to enhance their life skills. It was at that very moment, I knew she was going to embark on something special. Congratulations queen, you are the epitome of motherhood, taking a stand to help children from the lower income and high crime areas of Chesapeake, Virginia, to see a whole new world beyond their wildest imagination.


“A sense of pride and opportunity can make a difference”

Many of our young African American boys face an uphill battle on a daily basis, systemic poverty, and the juvenile judicial system are more often not interested in how a young man may be making strides in turning their lives around. Two of the fifteen year old’s in the Young Investors of Virginia Club, are facing unfortunate circumstances. Joining the group created a sense of leadership, they were able to see hope, and began to recruit the younger boys in their neighborhoods to join the group as well. In September of 2018, the group had a fantastic opportunity under the leadership of a licensed real estate agent to host an open house, allowing potential buyers to see their young efforts.

What about our young girls you may ask? Well, as of June 2019, Ms. Keyzia has now implemented a Sister Section to the group. I am certain, Young Investors of Virginia Club will flourish as they grow with love, and support from the Hampton Roads Community!

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Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Young Investors of Virginia Club/ Keyzia Nikole






The Cougar Effect Unzipped

Still relevant…


Brunch2 ~DakotaVibe

An older woman dating younger men, as a rule of thumb, has forever been looked upon as reprehensible, to a certain degree. Pick up any magazine, flip a page, and unveil a story of how some older female celebrity, just acquired a new boy toy. Society however, loves to celebrate an older man in a relationship with a much younger woman. Blah, Blah, Blah, it’s the same old stereotypical cliché. Let’s take a look at living life as a so-called cougar, from a perspective of experience. Dating and relationships, nowadays, require a certain level of creativity, thinking outside of the box.
About ten years ago, I decided to let go of my prudish concept, of what I was told, a healthy dating life, and or relationship, should look like. At this point in the Single Mom’s game, I had to come to terms with the quality of time…

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Spilling holiday tea on good eats

DIY for Charity…


Affordable DIY charitable donation ideas…

omelet station.jpg

Foodies, Food Lovers and any one across the globe who enjoys creating unique holiday meals have reached that pivotal menu planning moment. This is also a time of the year that we tend to think more of the less fortunate individuals, such as children, who go about their daily lives making do with whatever in the foster care system. Get started by creating awesome flyer invites to post on your local church or community center bulletin board. You can also post your event information on your favorite social media sites. Now, you’re ready to gather up a few neighbors who would be willing to donate a few food items, along with their time on a brisk Saturday morning, perk up a big pot of coffee and enjoy the fellowship of “Good Eating for Charity”. ~bon appetit~

Jingle Bell Breakfast Bar

Set your table with holiday…

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Relationship Truth: Just Because You’re F*ck Buddies, Doesn’t Mean You’re Friends

“If the only time I get along with you is when I’m inside of you, then we ain’t got no relationship.” ~Marlon Wayans This Saturday, I tuned into “It’s Not You, It’s Men,” hosted by Rev. Run an

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Single Girls Guide

Surviving Valentine’s Day Solo…
Social etiquette tells us, February 14th of every year with a certain level of anxiousness, that we should show our significant someone how much we love them. Woman in office settings, find themselves peeping over cubicles with anticipation, every time a flower delivery person arrives with a bouquet of roses. Life!, and its many magical experiences have taught me, Valentine’s Day, should be enjoyed by everyone, giving no consideration to anyone’s marital status. My longtime girlfriends have always refereed to me as, eternally optimistic on the subject of giving and receiving love, as well as the art of self love. Check out a few of my no fail fabulous survival tips for the single ladies, who desire a little “je ne sais quoi”. Get motivated, without any reservations of loving yourself, in the grown and sexy manner you so deserve.
1) Select a florist: Instead of watching all the girls in your place of employment receive
beautiful flowers, with your head hanging down in sadness. Make a conscious effort
ahead of time to order a single red rose with baby’s breath, to be delivered to you. Be
sure to have the florist sign the card, from a friend. This works wonders on that
special day, leaving you smiling from ear to ear.
2) Buy new lingerie: Nothing makes you feel like the most awesome Chic on the plant,
like wearing new sexy lingerie. Shop for something different, and out of your normal
comfort zone, be brave! My personal favorite, beautiful black lace crotch less
3) Plan something special: Remember single girls, this Valentine’s Day celebration is
all about you! And your vast array of choices for the evening. Pamper yourself, just
as if you had a significant other planning a fantastic night full of love and romance.
One of my guilty pleasures, I find most enjoyable includes a candle lit, aroma filled
bubble bath. Not only is this invigorating, it’s relaxing and stimulating to the body, as
well as, the mind. Most importantly, I like to think of “Valentine’s Day” as my day, I love me some me. Self love is the beginning of any venture, or should I say any survival tip. Don’t get your new crotch less panties in a wad; celebrate you and all that you have to offer. Call up other single girlfriends, get your glam on, step out and be great. For those who enjoy a casual encounter, just remember, your grown Chic, enjoy and stay safe.-Dakota Somerville~

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