Check -Your -Soil


As I Open my Mind

my petals become free

to be the woman

God intended me to be

As I Open my Mind

my soil becomes healthy

embracing the universal gift

that someday I will be wealthy

As I Open my Mind

i learn to SEE

with the third-eye

that was given to me

I check my SOIL

so my petals will flourish

my mind will be nourished

As I Open my Mind

weeds with thornes disappear

allowing a ray of sunshine

to miraculously re-appear

I Opened My Mind


Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Dakota Vibe




Broken Breath…

cathy flicker google

I inhaled your spirit 

one to many times


I can’t breathe…

copyright @ Dakota Somerville

Oftentimes we forget to breathe in the love of our heavenly power, we forget to exhale the negativity spoken to us; sometimes on a daily basis. Remind yourself, you too can breathe a fresh new vibration without any hesitation. I was inspired this morning by a very simple, yet profound quote from pastor Joel Osteen.

If GOD had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it.

Every human has encountered a season of broken breath along this journey called life, shhhhh….whisper and repeat….”I can breathe again”.

Author: Dakota Somerville – Poetry Corner

Photo Credit: Cathy Flicker – google




Sweet Saturday Conversation


The excitement in knowing I got you…

It may only seem to be a smile or a simple stare, but the thrill deep in my soul tells a story unknown to others.

Our love vibe transcends the deepest level of mental comprehension it beats in another dimension. When I look your way, I feel safe, I feel secure and I feel loved.

My mind freely imagines the touch of our fingers ever so slowly repeatedly drawing heart shapes upon each others backs, I smile with anticipation, I kiss with urgency, and then I whisper sweet dirty girl truths.

Sweet Saturday Conversation, a glass of red wine with you, is the epitome of life accentuated in moments we both shall forever cherish.

~Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit:

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats

A Well Dressed Valentine


……Mr. Jared J. Howe in all his eclectic glory

First of all what do you see? Are you captivated by the glow of love that permeates from every angle?

A well dressed Valentine may be only a far-reaching dream to some, yet for others, he’s just the cool guy who lives next door. Effort has always been sexy, a well-groomed bearded gentleman who can wear red like this deserves all the two snaps and hand claps, from any fashion critique.

The glass reflections give an amazing hue of every tone, every color reaching out on a universal vibe of love me, love me long time…for the writer in me, I find this photo to be extremely poetic, somewhat magical in still form, like a special “Valentine” should be!!!

Author: Dakota Somerville

Male Model: Mr. Jared J. Howe

Styled By: Miguel Suits 

Event: Heartbeat ❤ Gala 

Virginia Beach Aquarium

~When Two Worlds Collide~

ADV1…on any given day

when two worlds collide

the beginning was an origin of the same

a blue plaid uniform and noon day mass was her highlight

his encompassed getting through any day without a bully who wanted to fight

when two worlds collide

the separation of six degrees suddenly becomes one

a pen paper and a love of art became the only thing consumed by her heart

his Zen was predestined to evolve into amazing moments

untouchable by some desired by many

when two worlds collide

the universe will remind you on any given day who controls the helm

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: DakotaVibe

Perhaps I should just relax…

Screenshot_2017-11-24-17-45-29 hasta la vista 2017

Spilled Ink…

You beat me up no matter the direction of my effort’s

hand claps to you 2017

You slapped me with a lesson on being humble…and I sat down

hand claps to you 2017

You pulled at my heart-strings until no sound could be heard

hand claps to you 2017

But wait…my dearest 2017

you somehow forgot I am a living breathing phoenix

I Rise from the ashes

hand claps to my new bae 2018

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Google




SEXTABULOUS…she giggles!


Channeling my inner “Jessica Rabbit”

LAUGHTER, maybe perhaps a giggle or two is that thing that gets me through the day. Sexy and any combination of fabulous, “SEXTABULOUS”… gives one the confidence to conquer the strongest of male egos…you know them, that handsome dude around the corner who thinks every woman should swoon at the sound of his voice.

ULTIMATELY, it’s the guy who can tickle my inners who wins the prize of my full and undivided attention. Life is way to complicated in the land of POTUS #45; this doesn’t mean one is oblivious to the seriousness of the current events trending via CNN, it just means I choose balance to level off political toxicity.

We have all heard the saying, “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE”, one of my favorite ministers told a story of a terminally ill man who began to watch a comedy video on a daily basis…letting out the biggest gut wrenching laugh each time he watched that same video. He had no idea how his laughter was in fact shrinking his massive tumors, I get the moral of the story…LAUGH…GIGGLE…and be “SEXTABULOUS”.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo credit: Google

never forget “WHO” you are…


Silence awakens her inner creativity

who speaks to my spirit this early morning

I see him glowing through the sunlight

who offers encouragement as a tiny whisper

My patio becomes a bohemian oasis

who loves every beautiful hue unapologetically

I am full no longer lost or hungry

who spoke unto me…never forget “WHO” you are

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo credit: DakotaVibe


Dakota’s 20 pages of inspiration

book1 My 1st published book…

Mission accomplished and I am set on go. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to work hard, remain determined, ignore all adversity and set your soul on fire with a long-awaited dream come true.

Everyone, and I must say anyone will find a moment of peacefulness in my new co-authored book of inspiration.

I have twenty pages of pages of daily affirmations, short stories and poems in this book.

Go and check it out for yourself…


Co-author: Dakota Somerville

You can purchase via Professional Women Publishing

Book #1