MFWVA “2018” Fiercely Snatched My Edges

MFW1 Roxanne Smith – Alfa Custom Clothier’s 
Ron Cooke – Fashion Commentator / Producer and Mario Daughtry – Reckless Clothing Line

Men’s Fashion Week Virginia had a very successful run for its season two, the weather co-operated making it inviting to get out and attend many of their fashion events. Virginia is officially on the map as one of the hottest locations for fashion extravaganzas. Special hand claps go out to designer/stylist Roxanne Smith, being the only female presenting her designs was truly a black girl magic moment.

MFW2     MFW9     MFW13

Models: Dapper Luq, Erik Castano, Marcus Clark, Rich Micucci, Sanford Gunn, and the Newbies 

The 2018 kick off event Good Life – Still Life was presented at Upscale Men’s Fashion, hosted by The Dapper One and Erik Suave. When I tell you my edges got snatched all the way out, baby girl was in awe…the spring colors, diversity and male model inclusion had me literally and figuratively captivated to the fashion gawds.

I was unable to attend every event on the fashion weeks schedule due to my nine to five obligations, however, according to social media, it looks like every designer and stylist hit their mark.

MFW12    MFW7

The beautiful Pagoda Gardens in the historic neighborhood referred to as Ghent located in Norfolk, Va., was a perfect setting for an outdoor fashion show. All the attendees swooned at the sight of each classic models attire, accompanied by every mans best friend. I absolutely fell in love with the floral backdrop, adding a touch of elegance as each model stepped onto their separate pedestal for viewing. 

MFW3     MFW4     MFW11

The Finale: Models line up and final walk

The “Collector Norfolk” hosted the grand finale of Men’s Fashion Week 2018 in eclectic style, just what “Saturday Nights” are made for. Vibrant colors, trendy patterns, sexy designs hit the runway bringing the audience to a complete stare. Special snaps to all the designers who presented their hard work for season two, you all are the talent behind the fashion scene. 

BRAVO…BRAVO…BRAVO, Men’s Fashion Week Va, you have let the world know we are popping with talent, style and class!!!

Author: Dakota Somerville


Alfa Custom Clothier’s, Upscale Men’s Fashion, Stark & Legum, Andrew Nowell, Reckless Clothing Line & Others

Photo Credit:

Jacobby Debouvier, Sherry Henry & Diana Ramos

Stylist: Patricia Rountree & Others


Once Upon a Christmas Memory


A Single Parents throwback memory of days gone in the flash of time…

While perusing through some old family photos today, I found this gem. Smiling faces of two happy little people, holding two of the most rambunctious little happy hampsters named Busy and Tiffany. The season of jingle bells, Christmas cookies and holiday parties without a doubt were keeping our household scurrying all over the city.

This particular Saturday was O-So Special, it began with our annual Golden Corral Holiday Christmas party, and then off to a quick loving visit with Grandma. Everyone was excited to see Santa, indulge in the most scrumptious food and horderves on the plant, and to show off our new holiday outfits. Upon leaving the house, everything was checked and re-checked. Busy and Tiffany were sung as a bug, each one in their own individual new cages, filled with food, toys and that cool as shit hampster wheel thingy…at least Mommy thought so…

We had a blast that day, exhausted and full of great nom-nom, still singing Christmas songs, finally it was time for that long ride home. Those two smiling faces barreled into the house, running to their little bedrooms, calling out Hi Busy, Hi Tiffany…no sound, no movement…hmmm! As I entered the kitchen to put up some holiday items, all I could hear was screaming, crying and yelling, omg…our little family members met their untimely demise on their backs with four little legs straight up in the air. I’m soooo sorry you guys, Mommy apparently cut the heat off and they froze to death…SILENCE…

Well, the moral of the story is don’t forget to take care of your family pets.

#FunnyButNotFunny #LittlePetsAreCool

Photo Credit: The Perry Kids❤

Author: Dakota Somerville❤