Tis the Season to get Rugged…

Resized_20191123_115210~2 CEO J. Arrington Gavin

I recently had the pleasure of attending Rugged Evolution’s Yule Tide Trunk Show. CEO J. Arrington was an exciting addition to the historic Stark & Legum, located in downtown Norfolk, Virginia. 

Owner Michael J. Benton welcomed this young entrepreneur, and his full line of health conscious beard care products. As the customers mingled around in the apparel store, Michael and his staff directed them to Stark & Legum’s newest addition. The store has a deep rooted community based reputation since 1924. Introducing loyal customers to essential skin care, hair care, and grooming products is an absolute win for everyone.

 CEO J. Arrington Gavin, pictured with Stark & Legum retail staff. Featuring a classic holiday tuxedo jacket. Rugged Evolution’s new bergamot mint exfoliating cleansing bar, is a perfect spa gift. Natural oils, and mint leaves offer a cooling sensation, along with the calming of any itchy skin. 

Rugged Evolution represented by its amazing twenty-four year old CEO is becoming impressively well known. On November 25th, Coast Live WTKR channel 3 celebrated the growth of Rugged Evolution during their holiday segment. One lucky winner took home a gift giveaway box of beard care products valued at $250. Beard lovers all over the United States are linking into this young visionary. As a bit of holiday back-story from Essence magazine, December 2018. Rugged Evolution was handsomely featured in the holiday gift guide; now that my readership is global networking.

“Rugged is the new Smooth”

Follow Rugged Evolution’s Facebook social media page. There you can find Tuesday Tips to enhance a successful beard journey. Using all natural products, and eating foods high in protein can help with growing a stronger, more glossier beard.



Apply your hot towel daily to start your maintenance routine. This will soften your beard hairs, allowing the beard oil to penetrate easily from the root to the tip. Order your towel today: via ruggedevo.com


Wooden combs are beneficial in avoiding snags, and breakage. They also soak up natural oils from your face and beard. This process helps to redistribute those natural oils, from the root to the tip every time your wooden comb is used. Order your unique wooden comb today: via ruggedevo.com



CEO J. Arrington Gavin, Mrs. Dee Gavin, Model Paul Wing, Blogger Dakota Vibe. Networking together at Stark & Legum for the Yule Tide Trunk Show.

Congratulations to the entire Rugged Evolution team. Dee Gavin, mother of the CEO watches closely. She works diligently with this young entrepreneur, as he continues on his journey of captivating the nation with his beard care knowledge. For bookings, and questions, contact Taliaferro Entertainment Group. (e-mail: mia@taliaferroent.com)

Tis the Season to get Rugged…..

Website: http://www.ruggedevo.com

Telephone: 757-933-1914

Facebook: Rugged Evolution Beard Care

Instagram: Ruggedevo (Rugged Evolution, Inc.)



You Do Not Have Permission To Quit!

Mikia Shae Troche – Founder and CEO

What does the word “ENDURE” mean to you? Many of us would define the word as a form of suffering, or going through something to achieve a specific end goal. If you’re a living breathing human being, you are at some point in your life enduring through a storm. For some, it may be a little less difficult than others, which would have a person in the midst of enduring without even realizing it.

On Saturday, June 1, 2019 my spiritual soul was set ablaze from the moment I set foot into the Semi-Annual Enduring Conference, held at the Holiday Inn, in the lovely city of Virginia Beach. Author, visionary, motivational speaker, and business mentor Mikia Shae Troche greeted her conference attendees looking simply angelic in an all-white attire. You could feel the peacefulness in the room, filled with eye-catching  tones of yellow and blue, as encouraging sounds of gospel music played in the background.

I pride myself on being able to pick up positive energy vibes. Every single speaker who spilled their life’s transparency, gave me inspiring levels of goose bumps! I’ve always heard, sharing is caring, yet somehow in the process of sharing, each and every single testimony intentionally gave the room full of attendees, food for thought. Anyone who was in attendance will more than likely tell you of at least one important aspect he or she learned as a knowledgeable take-away. When you can gather together our young millennials, and our respected senior generation at the same table, smiling, chatting, and breaking bread, you’ve accomplished diversity. Vendor stations created a very relaxing experience for those who enjoy stumbling upon something a little special to take home.

Quote of the day: Neisha Himes – G.R.O.W. Foundation

“Your crown matches every outfit, never take it off”

This well-organized event included a wonderful host, comedian Ryheem Johnson captured the audience with his clean cut, and let me add entertaining humor straight out of the gate. His intermittent jokes proved to be just what was needed to change up the mood during the conference. Life is not always kind, healthy discussions of how to step up and endure any adversity being thrown at you is a topic we should all be interested in hearing. Telling a story in mime, or standing on a stage takes courage, but the healing begins way before making a choice to share your life with others. Manny Mitchell spoke enthusiastically on the storm of rejection, how starting a career with no arms proved what we all know to be true….”What GOD has for you, is for you”…

We all have a story, are you empowering others with your enduring journey?

I had the pleasure of a short interview with the founder of the Enduring Conference, Mikia Shae Troche, her spirit of authenticity glowed as bright as any diamond in the swankiest of jewelry stores. Having survived a stroke, being wheel chair bound, amongst other adversities, never gave her permission to quit. This beautiful queen endured every negative emotion imaginable, she cried, she prayed, and then with the help of her loving husband, she got up for the win.

Mikia captured the attention of her audience with a powerful heartfelt speech as she ended the conference. The topic, “You Do Not Have Permission To Quit”, resonated throughout the entire room, as if she were standing on stage with a bullhorn.

Every head nodded in agreement, without blinking an eye….

Thank you, for the amazing opportunity to blog your event, while interacting with your panel of fascinating speakers. Every testimony held value to someone in the room. Bravo Sista!

Honorable Mention: Nicole Armstrong, Juanita Ricks, Ryheem Johnson, Manny Mitchell, Jada Danielle, Jay Harris, Suzette Meeks, Neisha Himes, Shakeya Nesbitt, Tanisha Thompson, and keynote speaker Mikia Troche

Follow Enduring Conference via Facebook, be sure to attend the 2nd Semi-Annual conference on January 25, 2020.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Enduring Conference, Mikia Shae Troche, Dakota Somerville



~Custom Living by Darmeshia Guyton~


Owner and Designer, Darmeshia Guyton

Coastal Virginia is no sleepy little piece of the world, it’s quite the opposite, the area is well noted for its luxurious beach homes. I had the distinguished pleasure of meeting one of the areas top interior designers today. The beautiful, soft-spoken Darmeshia Guyton, owner and lead designer of MeMe G Home Designs repeatedly captivates her TV viewers attention during her weekly segment, every Wednesday morning, filmed on the local TV program Coast Live.

“I love to help my clients bring out their decorating vision, one room at a time”  

Darmeshia Guyton with host April Woodard


We sat down today for a quick blog interview, catching up with this savvy fashionable business owner in her own element, made for a very enjoyable dialogue, which I am certain you will enjoy immensely.

question: Tell us what do you most enjoy about home decorating?

answer: I enjoy helping my clients create their achieved look, especially those who are clueless when it comes to decorating. I enjoy being able to walk into a space, and sharing with the client the vision I can see.

question: Do you decorate commercial property, as well as, home decorating?

answer: Yes, I am a designer, which means I have technical expertise and background. I prefer small commercial properties, because of all the building codes involved. My heart leans more towards home decorating, because I can put more of my signature stamp on that type of property.

question: You are always dressed so beautiful, do you have a fashion stylist?

answer: No, I buy what I like, all the outfits you see on Coast Live, I purchase from an online store. Thank You, I am my own stylist, as you can see, I do enjoy looking my very best, (insert big smile).

question: Our readers want to know, what is your favorite room to decorate?

answer: That’s a hard one to answer, but, I would say a kitchen remodel from top to bottom. I love to work with a full gut job, kitchens are the easiest room to go into, and because the flooring will include extensive design work, the challenge is all mine.


memegpicA     memegpicB

“Anyone can place a pillow, or hang a curtain, but a designer with passion, can change a room”

Darmeshia is a refreshing addition to the Coast Live morning program, from what I observed in the studio today, host April Woodard and Cheryl Nelson seem to all mesh together like a hand in glove. Being a part of a show that celebrates its people, places, and local events has to promote exposure, along with the highest level of creativity.

I would say with a great degree of certainty, Darmeshia Guyton has arrived. Impressive would be an understatement, when describing her unique talent. You can contact her business via her website, http://www.memeghome.com or MeMe G Home Designs via Facebook.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: MeMe G Home Designs, Dakota Vibe










Sexy Beard Conversations!


Rugged Evolution, CEO – Arrington Gavin and Creative Director – Patrick Lewis


I have so much ink to spill, and so many awesome beard life moments to share with the men who aspire to a healthy natural beard life, not excluding the women who love to admire the touch of a sexy clean beard. Hampton Roads, Virginia, along with Rugged Evolution Beard Care Products have set the bar very high on the conversation of growing and maintaining the best version of your beard. Saturday, May 19th, renowned leading Trichologist, Dr. Prenik James presented two life changing training session, captivating each audience, both men and women with educational tips on how to master the perfect beard.


Trichologist – Dr. Prenik James and Rugged Evolution Beard Care Line 

Impromptu Interviews are the essence of a good writer

Impressive may be an understatement, I’m very rarely at a loss for words, let’s just say the Rugged CEO, Arrington is a twenty-three year old entrepreneur with a very bright future. As a young advocate for natural hair products, with such a beautiful humble spirit, it was well understood why he had such a top-notch group of supporters in the room. Celebrity icons from Los Angeles and Georgia attended the Rugged Evolution launch event, held at the exclusive Westin Hotel, Virginia Beach, Va, on May 19th.


Celebrity Stylist – Patrick A. Lewis, Rugged Models, and CEO Arrington (center)

Sangria and chit-chat with a distinguished daytime Emmy Award winner, who also happens to be a top branding expert, film producer and the brain extraordinaire of money-making conversations, was the highlight of my night. When someone of his caliber of creative knowledge catches a flight to come into town just to offer support and authentic coaching, you can tell the world Rugged Evolution has arrived.


Kamal S. Rollins Celebrity Cake Designer (left) – Mr. Rushion McDonald (producer) 

Congratulations to Team Rugged Evolution on a successful launch…

The Essence Of A Well Groomed Man Is Admired By Many


The Virginia Beard Festival Day Party #2 was held in the middle of a terrible rainstorm, but nevertheless, May 19, 2018 should be noted as the day sexy bearded men came out to partake in a very successful event. Congratulations to the handsome Mr. Markie Riddick on being crowned Beard King, I knew, the moment he walked in the door, something epic was about to take place.


Ms. Keyzia Nikole – Beauty and the Beard and Mr. Markie Riddick (winner)

Congratulations to team Beauty and the Beard, can’t wait for the next event….

Todays blog post is merely a snippet of all the informative spilled ink I have waiting to hit the pages, stay connected with me via my social media platform.

Twitter: @dakotasomervill


Facebook: DakotaVibe

photo credit: event attendees

author: Dakota Somerville





Why every MAN should enjoy #MCM




“Man Crush Monday”  

A social media hashtag set aside specifically on  Monday to show love and or admiration for a male gender person.

Here are a few bullet points I gathered from conversation/research with men ages thirty to sixty:

  • Men enjoy feeling appreciated
  • Men who are social media savvy expect a shout out on Mondays
  • Men are tired of everything special being set aside for women only
  • Men like to be flirted with equally

Well, don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just the pen behind the delivery.

Thank You, to all of the guys for taking a minute of your time to answer my questions today, you are the real mvps!


AUTHOR: Dakota Somerville

PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images



Anti-Feminist Comments Create Chatter…

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty Miss District Of Columbia, Kara McCullough, won last night’s pageant but lost me during the Q&A portion of the competition. The rocket scientist turned pageant queen delivered a disappointing response when host Terrence J asked, “What do you consider feminism to be and do you consider yourself a feminist?” Her answer…

via Miss USA’s Anti-Feminist Comments Are Peak ‘Pick Me’ — HelloBeautiful

Marvel’s villain “KEBO” spills a bit of British TEA…


Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Reflecting on my first Hollywood Actor interview for Bronze Magazine, New York. One year ago british actor “KEBO” aka Daz Crawford, opened up with layers of personal and professional information.

And O’ the tea was sooooo good…

KEBO2 May 2016 Cover Story



KEBO5 Editors Note


Source: Bronze Magazine

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Amina Touray


Tiffany Nicole Ross shares her story!



Unmasked in her breathtaking testimony of triumph, educational growth and overall sense of how to change it up; and get things going in the right direction. Our “Authentically You” cover is blessed this month with the beautiful, spiritually sassy Tiffany Nicole Ross. I loved every single second of this deeply heartfelt dialogue, and you the readers will too; so let’s begin shall we…

Q: Tell our readers how you came up with such a powerful cover for you book?   FREE YOURSELF

A: Absolutely; I was sitting down and reflecting on my life. In certain parts of my life I literally felt like I was being held captive in my own mind. And terrible thoughts and emotions would consume me. Hence, the image of me behind prison bars came to me. I wanted it to be symbolic for women that they can be free of whatever it is that is holding them captive. It’s time for women to experience true freedom; all chains broken and no more bars!

Q: Has anyone told you how much your book cover reminds them of the famous song by Tasha Cobbs, “Break Every Chain”?

A: No one has told me that! You are the first! Amazingly enough, I love that song! And it is very much in tune with the overall theme of the book, and the message that I what to get across.

Q: I absolutely love your “FREE YOURSELF” T-Shirts; will we see more colorful pieces added to your clothing line soon?

A: Aww…thank you so much! I actually just decided to launch the t-shirts! The t-shirts will be available starting April 14th, 2016 for purchase. And yes there are several more t-shirts in the works! As a matter of fact you can expect to see quite a few more in the next upcoming months.

Q: Wow! Tiffany…You hold a double degree in Psychology, as well as Youth Ministry. What inspired you to become a published author?

A: Yes! To God be the glory! It took a lot of patience and perseverance. I was inspired to complete them both at the same time. I have such a passion for people. That was the drive behind both degrees. Ever since elementary school I have always loved to read and write. In high school I had the thought to write a book and I started the book and never finished it. A few years ago the same thing I started another book and didn’t finish it. But this time I felt the unction from God to do it now. This time it was all new ideas and nothing like the last two book ideas I had. It was totally different this time. I felt led to talk about freedom. So I sat down shortly after Thanksgiving and began to journal daily and on Christmas day I finished the book! So I completed it in just short of 5 weeks. I feel truly blessed to have been able to do it and in such a short amount of time.

Q: What one piece of solid advice can you offer to our “Authentically You” readers, who may be navigating their way through dating in 2016?

A: Dating is such a loaded topic, but one that I enjoy discussing. Some of the things that I would suggest are make sure you are totally comfortable with yourself before deciding to date.

Allow yourself time to heal from any bad breakups, abuse, neglect, or emotional baggage that you may have carried from your previous relationships. Allow the man to be the man, do not smother him or become too needy. Give him room to be a man and to be alone and give yourself alone time and room to grow as a woman.

Pursue your dreams while waiting for the ring. Don’t allow yourself to be put on pause because you are waiting to get married or thinking a man will change things. And don’t just sit around and wait. *Pursue your dreams while God has you in the waiting period*, honestly it should never just be a waiting period; you should be working. Working on being the best woman you can fulfilling your hearts desires, and everything else will fall into place in God’s timing.

Q: So tell us what fantastic business ventures do we have to look forward to in the future from you Miss Tiffany Nicole Ross?

A: I am also the CEO of Diva Elegance Accessories. My new spring line will launch at the end of this month. All new purses and jewelry will be available for purchase. T-shirts will also be available along with notebooks and various other products that promote excitement and freedom for women.

Be on the lookout for the Free Yourself Book tour as it continues. I had a blast at my first stop which was Atlanta. Montgomery Alabama is up next. Watch the website to see the updates of cities I will be visiting this year!

*You can keep up with me on social media via my website at tiffanynicoleross.com*

Thank You! Tiffany for taking the time to share your wonderful accomplishments with our readers, I’m looking forward to sporting my “Free Yourself” T-shirt around the beach this summer.


Author: Dakota Somerville via Authentically You Magazine