Whisper In The Darkness of Life ✴book snippet✴



In The Darkness of Life…


Wait a minute, it’s 6am on a Saturday morning and I haven’t received my weekly wake up call from Big Bern, hmm..how odd. As I begin my mommy morning things like coffee, breakfast, house cleaning, and all that stuff you somehow intentionally put off until it’s staring you dead in the face, I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t heard from my bestie. Suddenly! my thoughts are quickly distracted by the cutest little smile, followed by a million and one questions about today’s junior girl’s cheerleading practice. After getting my little one’s fed, dressed and ready to begin our day, I decided to plop them down for a second in front of the TV, just long enough to make a quick phone call to Richmond.

Being a single parent keeps you on your toes, that statement is very true, but rest assured it does not mean your always ready. I called that day, asking to speak with my bestie, only to be told by her daughter, “Momma is not here”. Okay I replied, just have her give me a call when she gets home. Well, I’m sorry to inform you, she quietly paused for what seemed to be forever, it’s going to be a long painful wait Debbie, Momma was sentenced yesterday to eighteen months in Henrico prison.

This book will be filled with laughter, love, life and the untimely death of church folks…



Finally the day has come, the phone call to grandma has been clarified and my suitcase has been packed for a waiting period of two weeks or more. Those were her last words spoken before the daunting task of travel and preparation for a long awaited heart transplant. Trusting in the Lord, she uttered those words over and over again, in addition to delegating certain family members to prepare to take her on a shopping spree afterwards to celebrate her extreme weight loss, upon receiving her new vibrant beating heart.

Ultimately the transplant was a huge success, I began to call the hospital as often as possible, longing for the one moment I could hear her voice again.

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months without any chance of a conversation or a hospital visit. You see…the heart kept beating, as the other organs began to fail.

She was my Big Bern, my bestie, my cousin, my confidant, and an awesome lover of life. Her beautiful humble story has inspired me to write a book, titled ✴Whisper In The Darkness of Life✴

I know she is enjoying her dress shop extravaganza up in heaven…as we all continue to celebrate her vast array of memories here on earth.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Google Images