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Plant the seed, and show them the way…

Nonprofit organizations serve many purposes. Feeding the hungry to name a few, however, nothing stands out more than a community group with a vision to serve our youth. The children are our future leaders, they are our future in a nutshell. Our beautiful brown babies from impoverished neighborhoods deserve every single opportunity of exposure to learn the when, where, and how’s of success.


I am truly honored to share with my readership a group of young boys who are truly making a name for themselves here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. They are learning a multitude of important life skills from some very influential pillars of our community. The Young Investors of Virginia Club comes highly recommended for any young man who has a desire to learn about entrepreneurship, real estate, and the beginnings of stock market investment. This newly formed group in my humble opinion speaks volumes to the idea of teaching one, while reaching one.

Young Investors of Virginia Club Mantra:

I am a young investor

I invest in myself

I invest in my community

I learn the generation before

I teach the generation behind me


Her smile is infectious, her soul is contagious, her energy is magic, and all the accolades of community merit go out to the founder, Ms. Keyzia. We first met about two years ago, at a summer dinner celebration. She sat across the table from me, filled with her vision, ready to share with the whole world, how she literally wanted to make a change. I was a bit mesmerized at first, and then I began to really listen to what she was saying about the importance of creating opportunities for our young boys to enhance their life skills. It was at that very moment, I knew she was going to embark on something special. Congratulations queen, you are the epitome of motherhood, taking a stand to help children from the lower income and high crime areas of Chesapeake, Virginia, to see a whole new world beyond their wildest imagination.


“A sense of pride and opportunity can make a difference”

Many of our young African American boys face an uphill battle on a daily basis, systemic poverty, and the juvenile judicial system are more often not interested in how a young man may be making strides in turning their lives around. Two of the fifteen year old’s in the Young Investors of Virginia Club, are facing unfortunate circumstances. Joining the group created a sense of leadership, they were able to see hope, and began to recruit the younger boys in their neighborhoods to join the group as well. In September of 2018, the group had a fantastic opportunity under the leadership of a licensed real estate agent to host an open house, allowing potential buyers to see their young efforts.

What about our young girls you may ask? Well, as of June 2019, Ms. Keyzia has now implemented a Sister Section to the group. I am certain, Young Investors of Virginia Club will flourish as they grow with love, and support from the Hampton Roads Community!

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Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Young Investors of Virginia Club/ Keyzia Nikole





Perhaps I should just relax…

Screenshot_2017-11-24-17-45-29 hasta la vista 2017

Spilled Ink…

You beat me up no matter the direction of my effort’s

hand claps to you 2017

You slapped me with a lesson on being humble…and I sat down

hand claps to you 2017

You pulled at my heart-strings until no sound could be heard

hand claps to you 2017

But wait…my dearest 2017

you somehow forgot I am a living breathing phoenix

I Rise from the ashes

hand claps to my new bae 2018

Author: Dakota Somerville

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SugAr SpIce and SysTemic PovErty

Screenshot_2017-10-19-23-38-12“I am more valuable than my parent’s government assistance”

No child in the 21st century, living in America…the land of the free, should ever feel economically dismayed before the tender age of sixteen.

Children are a GIFT, it doesn’t get any simpler than that… Mothers who are caught up in the endless cycle of generations of poverty!! You and I know them, the one’s who sleep in the bed’s of rat infested motels with their boyfriend’s, while their young pre-teen daughters have no choice other than to sleep on the cold hard motel floor’s.

Or perhaps you’ve seen their fathers, the ones who go about daily life living in their own mental illness, crushed and destroyed from their own disfunctional childhood. You know them too, he’s the one who secures the government benefits, only to turn a buck “for lack of a better word”.

So what happens when the children come home from school hungry, as most school age children do…only to open up the fridge to nothing but bare empty shelves!

Are you aware that one out of every five children in America live in the midst of this endless cycle of economic systemic poverty each and every day.


How about the family members who want to help, who reach out to the parents only to be met with deaf ears, followed by every level of opposition. Not to mention the DSS child welfare agencies who have intervened repeatedly, with no positive results…what can one do?, not a damn thing other than pray and watch this train wreck unfold. Learned behavior is a BEAST of a shackle; it’s the catalyst to parental chains. Those very chains prevent many unfit adults from developing life skills, seeking out therapy, accepting drug rehabilitation program’s, maintaining responsibility and training to turn their lives around in a productive manner.

As a freelance writer, I am in no way shape or form passing any type of judgement in this blog post, I’m simply exhausted…

“Give a hand up not a hand out”

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Google Images