You Do Not Have Permission To Quit!

Mikia Shae Troche – Founder and CEO

What does the word “ENDURE” mean to you? Many of us would define the word as a form of suffering, or going through something to achieve a specific end goal. If you’re a living breathing human being, you are at some point in your life enduring through a storm. For some, it may be a little less difficult than others, which would have a person in the midst of enduring without even realizing it.

On Saturday, June 1, 2019 my spiritual soul was set ablaze from the moment I set foot into the Semi-Annual Enduring Conference, held at the Holiday Inn, in the lovely city of Virginia Beach. Author, visionary, motivational speaker, and business mentor Mikia Shae Troche greeted her conference attendees looking simply angelic in an all-white attire. You could feel the peacefulness in the room, filled with eye-catching  tones of yellow and blue, as encouraging sounds of gospel music played in the background.

I pride myself on being able to pick up positive energy vibes. Every single speaker who spilled their life’s transparency, gave me inspiring levels of goose bumps! I’ve always heard, sharing is caring, yet somehow in the process of sharing, each and every single testimony intentionally gave the room full of attendees, food for thought. Anyone who was in attendance will more than likely tell you of at least one important aspect he or she learned as a knowledgeable take-away. When you can gather together our young millennials, and our respected senior generation at the same table, smiling, chatting, and breaking bread, you’ve accomplished diversity. Vendor stations created a very relaxing experience for those who enjoy stumbling upon something a little special to take home.

Quote of the day: Neisha Himes – G.R.O.W. Foundation

“Your crown matches every outfit, never take it off”

This well-organized event included a wonderful host, comedian Ryheem Johnson captured the audience with his clean cut, and let me add entertaining humor straight out of the gate. His intermittent jokes proved to be just what was needed to change up the mood during the conference. Life is not always kind, healthy discussions of how to step up and endure any adversity being thrown at you is a topic we should all be interested in hearing. Telling a story in mime, or standing on a stage takes courage, but the healing begins way before making a choice to share your life with others. Manny Mitchell spoke enthusiastically on the storm of rejection, how starting a career with no arms proved what we all know to be true….”What GOD has for you, is for you”…

We all have a story, are you empowering others with your enduring journey?

I had the pleasure of a short interview with the founder of the Enduring Conference, Mikia Shae Troche, her spirit of authenticity glowed as bright as any diamond in the swankiest of jewelry stores. Having survived a stroke, being wheel chair bound, amongst other adversities, never gave her permission to quit. This beautiful queen endured every negative emotion imaginable, she cried, she prayed, and then with the help of her loving husband, she got up for the win.

Mikia captured the attention of her audience with a powerful heartfelt speech as she ended the conference. The topic, “You Do Not Have Permission To Quit”, resonated throughout the entire room, as if she were standing on stage with a bullhorn.

Every head nodded in agreement, without blinking an eye….

Thank you, for the amazing opportunity to blog your event, while interacting with your panel of fascinating speakers. Every testimony held value to someone in the room. Bravo Sista!

Honorable Mention: Nicole Armstrong, Juanita Ricks, Ryheem Johnson, Manny Mitchell, Jada Danielle, Jay Harris, Suzette Meeks, Neisha Himes, Shakeya Nesbitt, Tanisha Thompson, and keynote speaker Mikia Troche

Follow Enduring Conference via Facebook, be sure to attend the 2nd Semi-Annual conference on January 25, 2020.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Enduring Conference, Mikia Shae Troche, Dakota Somerville



Whisper In The Darkness of Life ✴book snippet✴



In The Darkness of Life…


Wait a minute, it’s 6am on a Saturday morning and I haven’t received my weekly wake up call from Big Bern, odd. As I begin my mommy morning things like coffee, breakfast, house cleaning, and all that stuff you somehow intentionally put off until it’s staring you dead in the face, I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t heard from my bestie. Suddenly! my thoughts are quickly distracted by the cutest little smile, followed by a million and one questions about today’s junior girl’s cheerleading practice. After getting my little one’s fed, dressed and ready to begin our day, I decided to plop them down for a second in front of the TV, just long enough to make a quick phone call to Richmond.

Being a single parent keeps you on your toes, that statement is very true, but rest assured it does not mean your always ready. I called that day, asking to speak with my bestie, only to be told by her daughter, “Momma is not here”. Okay I replied, just have her give me a call when she gets home. Well, I’m sorry to inform you, she quietly paused for what seemed to be forever, it’s going to be a long painful wait Debbie, Momma was sentenced yesterday to eighteen months in Henrico prison.

This book will be filled with laughter, love, life and the untimely death of church folks…



Finally the day has come, the phone call to grandma has been clarified and my suitcase has been packed for a waiting period of two weeks or more. Those were her last words spoken before the daunting task of travel and preparation for a long awaited heart transplant. Trusting in the Lord, she uttered those words over and over again, in addition to delegating certain family members to prepare to take her on a shopping spree afterwards to celebrate her extreme weight loss, upon receiving her new vibrant beating heart.

Ultimately the transplant was a huge success, I began to call the hospital as often as possible, longing for the one moment I could hear her voice again.

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months without any chance of a conversation or a hospital visit. You see…the heart kept beating, as the other organs began to fail.

She was my Big Bern, my bestie, my cousin, my confidant, and an awesome lover of life. Her beautiful humble story has inspired me to write a book, titled ✴Whisper In The Darkness of Life✴

I know she is enjoying her dress shop extravaganza up in heaven…as we all continue to celebrate her vast array of memories here on earth.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Google Images