Dear Universe You Got Me?


I’ve been thinking for sometime now, well, maybe more like dreaming…

I can see myself on a tropical island slowly swinging back and forth, with the sound of a calming wave rolling up to the shoreline.

In the background holiday tunes are creating one smile after another, hey it’s Christmas and the world is full of joy and happiness.


Hello Love, you look spectacular tonight, and by the way I love your braids, Sooo he whispered in my ear.

How often do we dream, or should I say we manifest, or perhaps we experience a repeated version of DEJA VU…..


Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Holland – IG

Spilling holiday tea on good eats

Affordable DIY charitable donation ideas…

omelet station.jpg

Foodies, Food Lovers and any one across the globe who enjoys creating unique holiday meals have reached that pivotal menu planning moment. This is also a time of the year that we tend to think more of the less fortunate individuals, such as children, who go about their daily lives making do with whatever in the foster care system. Get started by creating awesome flyer invites to post on your local church or community center bulletin board. You can also post your event information on your favorite social media sites. Now, you’re ready to gather up a few neighbors who would be willing to donate a few food items, along with their time on a brisk Saturday morning, perk up a big pot of coffee and enjoy the fellowship of “Good Eating for Charity”. ~bon appetit~

Jingle Bell Breakfast Bar

Set your table with holiday wrapping paper, tiny jingle bells and about six gold or silver spray painted pine cones. Place the below listed food items decoratively on your table, including small price signage for your customers.

~  Omelet Station with all the fixings (offer vegan omelet choices)

~  Fruit station with several varieties (offer a fruit salad with yogurt topping)

~  Muffin station with several flavors (offer a holiday pumpkin cream cheese)

Chili for Charity Bar

Set your serving table with lots of foil tinsel, choose holiday colors of red-gold and silver, string Christmas garland around the outer perimeter of the table. Lastly place your Crock Pots diagonally on the serving table, with ladles for scooping. Don’t forget your small price signage for your customers.

~  Chili with turkey

~  Vegan vegetable chili

~  White bean chili

~  Southwestern spicy chili

~  Offer side items (sour cream, cheese, onion, jalapeno, cracker and cornbread variations)

These are just a few of my simple, affordable, fun Christmas Charity ideas. Everyone one will be more than happy to donate and make a purchase to benefit children in your local foster care system. Lastly, the only thing left is to contact the appropriate agency who handles holiday gift giving; maybe you will get selected to shop for the toys yourself.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Google


Once Upon a Christmas Memory


A Single Parents throwback memory of days gone in the flash of time…

While perusing through some old family photos today, I found this gem. Smiling faces of two happy little people, holding two of the most rambunctious little happy hampsters named Busy and Tiffany. The season of jingle bells, Christmas cookies and holiday parties without a doubt were keeping our household scurrying all over the city.

This particular Saturday was O-So Special, it began with our annual Golden Corral Holiday Christmas party, and then off to a quick loving visit with Grandma. Everyone was excited to see Santa, indulge in the most scrumptious food and horderves on the plant, and to show off our new holiday outfits. Upon leaving the house, everything was checked and re-checked. Busy and Tiffany were sung as a bug, each one in their own individual new cages, filled with food, toys and that cool as shit hampster wheel thingy…at least Mommy thought so…

We had a blast that day, exhausted and full of great nom-nom, still singing Christmas songs, finally it was time for that long ride home. Those two smiling faces barreled into the house, running to their little bedrooms, calling out Hi Busy, Hi Tiffany…no sound, no movement…hmmm! As I entered the kitchen to put up some holiday items, all I could hear was screaming, crying and yelling, omg…our little family members met their untimely demise on their backs with four little legs straight up in the air. I’m soooo sorry you guys, Mommy apparently cut the heat off and they froze to death…SILENCE…

Well, the moral of the story is don’t forget to take care of your family pets.

#FunnyButNotFunny #LittlePetsAreCool

Photo Credit: The Perry Kids❤

Author: Dakota Somerville❤