“I’m a grown woman with Moods and Attitudes”

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Have you ever felt like a chameleon? If you are a woman, of course you have, based on the circumstances surrounding your day-to-day life. There are moments of loneliness, when the only thing you can do is to close your beautiful eyes, embrace yourself with positive affirmations, and secure your head space with self-love.

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Have you ever felt like a princess? I can personally answer yes, maybe even a vintage princess, one who knows he’s not coming into your life riding the proverbial white horse. No….he’s stepping to your world, fully confident of his capabilities to make you happy.

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Have you ever felt like the queen of side-eye? At some point in life, you will need to give them the business, and own every single glare. Remind your mental psyche that you are a grown woman with moods and attitudes.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Bronze Magazine, photographer Shanal Belton


Sexy Beard Conversations!


Rugged Evolution, CEO – Arrington Gavin and Creative Director – Patrick Lewis


I have so much ink to spill, and so many awesome beard life moments to share with the men who aspire to a healthy natural beard life, not excluding the women who love to admire the touch of a sexy clean beard. Hampton Roads, Virginia, along with Rugged Evolution Beard Care Products have set the bar very high on the conversation of growing and maintaining the best version of your beard. Saturday, May 19th, renowned leading Trichologist, Dr. Prenik James presented two life changing training session, captivating each audience, both men and women with educational tips on how to master the perfect beard.


Trichologist – Dr. Prenik James and Rugged Evolution Beard Care Line 

Impromptu Interviews are the essence of a good writer

Impressive may be an understatement, I’m very rarely at a loss for words, let’s just say the Rugged CEO, Arrington is a twenty-three year old entrepreneur with a very bright future. As a young advocate for natural hair products, with such a beautiful humble spirit, it was well understood why he had such a top-notch group of supporters in the room. Celebrity icons from Los Angeles and Georgia attended the Rugged Evolution launch event, held at the exclusive Westin Hotel, Virginia Beach, Va, on May 19th.


Celebrity Stylist – Patrick A. Lewis, Rugged Models, and CEO Arrington (center)

Sangria and chit-chat with a distinguished daytime Emmy Award winner, who also happens to be a top branding expert, film producer and the brain extraordinaire of money-making conversations, was the highlight of my night. When someone of his caliber of creative knowledge catches a flight to come into town just to offer support and authentic coaching, you can tell the world Rugged Evolution has arrived.


Kamal S. Rollins Celebrity Cake Designer (left) – Mr. Rushion McDonald (producer) 

Congratulations to Team Rugged Evolution on a successful launch…

The Essence Of A Well Groomed Man Is Admired By Many


The Virginia Beard Festival Day Party #2 was held in the middle of a terrible rainstorm, but nevertheless, May 19, 2018 should be noted as the day sexy bearded men came out to partake in a very successful event. Congratulations to the handsome Mr. Markie Riddick on being crowned Beard King, I knew, the moment he walked in the door, something epic was about to take place.


Ms. Keyzia Nikole – Beauty and the Beard and Mr. Markie Riddick (winner)

Congratulations to team Beauty and the Beard, can’t wait for the next event….

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author: Dakota Somerville





Marvel’s villain “KEBO” spills a bit of British TEA…


Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Reflecting on my first Hollywood Actor interview for Bronze Magazine, New York. One year ago british actor “KEBO” aka Daz Crawford, opened up with layers of personal and professional information.

And O’ the tea was sooooo good…

KEBO2 May 2016 Cover Story



KEBO5 Editors Note


Source: Bronze Magazine

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Amina Touray


Spilling holiday tea on good eats

Affordable DIY charitable donation ideas…

omelet station.jpg

Foodies, Food Lovers and any one across the globe who enjoys creating unique holiday meals have reached that pivotal menu planning moment. This is also a time of the year that we tend to think more of the less fortunate individuals, such as children, who go about their daily lives making do with whatever in the foster care system. Get started by creating awesome flyer invites to post on your local church or community center bulletin board. You can also post your event information on your favorite social media sites. Now, you’re ready to gather up a few neighbors who would be willing to donate a few food items, along with their time on a brisk Saturday morning, perk up a big pot of coffee and enjoy the fellowship of “Good Eating for Charity”. ~bon appetit~

Jingle Bell Breakfast Bar

Set your table with holiday wrapping paper, tiny jingle bells and about six gold or silver spray painted pine cones. Place the below listed food items decoratively on your table, including small price signage for your customers.

~  Omelet Station with all the fixings (offer vegan omelet choices)

~  Fruit station with several varieties (offer a fruit salad with yogurt topping)

~  Muffin station with several flavors (offer a holiday pumpkin cream cheese)

Chili for Charity Bar

Set your serving table with lots of foil tinsel, choose holiday colors of red-gold and silver, string Christmas garland around the outer perimeter of the table. Lastly place your Crock Pots diagonally on the serving table, with ladles for scooping. Don’t forget your small price signage for your customers.

~  Chili with turkey

~  Vegan vegetable chili

~  White bean chili

~  Southwestern spicy chili

~  Offer side items (sour cream, cheese, onion, jalapeno, cracker and cornbread variations)

These are just a few of my simple, affordable, fun Christmas Charity ideas. Everyone one will be more than happy to donate and make a purchase to benefit children in your local foster care system. Lastly, the only thing left is to contact the appropriate agency who handles holiday gift giving; maybe you will get selected to shop for the toys yourself.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Google



Gourmet Bath & Beauty Products

Infused With Love…

 Photo : Tamiko Lanier

Health and Wellness expert Tamiko Lanier is captivating her soap life audience here in Virginia Beach with eclectic creations that smell of chocolate luxury. Her gourmet hand crafted bath and beauty products are affordably being shared in other states as well. I’m thrilled to share with our Bronze readership all of the healthy tips I’ve learned from this beautiful woman of business. Well listen…who knew that Chocolate/Hazelnut Soap with ground Cocoa-Nibs and Coffee could also serve as todays exfoliate? What has been explained to me in detail is that the above mentioned organic triple threat of (white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and truffle) soap can help with many of the most common skin ailments such as, Eczema, Cellulite, Dry Flaky Skin, Sun Damage, Acne Skin Tone, and Elasticity. You can also follow up with a complete beauty regiment of hand whipped light and fluffy tea tree body butta for a soft moisturizing finish.

Let’s look into the romantic elements of basking in a warm tub of “Peace Tranquility and hands of Serenity” soap, surrounded by candle light, reading the most uplifting bestseller on the market. For the most incurable of romantics like myself, I can already feel its calming effects. Nothing speaks health, wellness, and self-care more than taking care of one’s skin, creating a womanly glow for the entire world to see. Hydration of the skin with essential natural oils during the hottest of summer months can be easily achieved with Tamiko’s lavishly decadent “Black Raspberry Vanilla Bar,” creating a visually stimulating aroma with a seductive amount of lather to be shared by the two of you. No extra moisturizers are needed with this beauty bar.


A local Neurologist in the area has selected this African American female owned business to craft a bevy of her soaps as gifts for upcoming event attendees. Gourmet bath & body products are often misconstrued to be a woman’s product; I find that to be a huge misnomer…classic men love her products too. I am overjoyed as I begin my journey with “Peace Tranquility and hands of Serenity,” starting with a natural herb infused facial scrub, soap life is my life. Tamiko is knowledgeable and spreading the word of why so many are suffering from common skin ailments, giving you an informed opportunity to choose a more natural organic soap rather than the harsh detergent filled items we purchase daily from the grocery store.  You can find more healthy tips and products by visiting “Peace Tranquility and hands of Serenity” via her Facebook business page, or e-mail at Tamiko.lanier@live.com.

Photo : Tamiko Lanier

Author: ~ Dakota Somerville ~

Edited by Victoria Krute ~ Layout Design by Renita Singleton

 Published: Bronze Magazine Online

America’s Fierce Young Designer “Stevie Boi”

STEVIEBOIFEB2 (3) resizedFor the love of luxury…
New York Fashion Week 2016 kicks off its runway extravaganza in a little less than two weeks. I caught up with Stevie Boi, well known global luxury eyewear designer, and *Yaasss* my lovelies, he spilled all the deets on his new “CABIN COLLECTION” tour. Mark your calendars and get passport-ready fashion diva’s; on Saturday February 13th, Stevie Boi unveils his first ever tailored unisex collection.
“I am thrilled to share his energetic, humble yet fearless interview with our readers today”
Q: What fashion designer do you most admire?
A: Alexander McQueen
STEVIEBOI2016CABIN resizedQ: I am hearing a lot of buzz about NYFW/2016 featuring your CABIN COLLECTION; tell us how you plan to slay the runway on February 13th?
A: My new collection CABIN is inspired by my childhood as a boy scout; I wanted to take those fond memories and bring them to the world of high fashion. February 13th will be a day of reinventing my-self with a tailored unisex collection consisting of brown, green, beige and other mixes in between; something very different from my previous darker collections.
Q: Tell us about the success of your fabulous international eyewear collection “Eyewear by Stevie Boi” worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Amber Rose and many more?
A: The amount of support and acknowledgement of my new eyewear collection has been more than phenomenal; thus far I have created over twenty eyewear and clothing collections. My new collection CABIN has its debut on February 13th during NY Fashion Week and I am so excited to announce we are showing in over 30 countries with my 2016/2017 tour. I have also created a new line of luxury frames collaborating with EDA frames; perfect for the eyewear aficionado in you.
Stevie Boi Cabin 2016 020 resizedQ: Just this week you landed a role in the upcoming movie “Protocol 734” directed by Richard Benter. How excited are you and what are you doing to prepare for the role of “Kratos” a blind man?
A: This will be my first major acting role; I am reviewing the script. The film is scheduled to debut in October of this year; I cannot reveal much about the movie as of yet; except *insert energy* I will start filming sometime in March of 2016. Previously I had a small roll in a film entitled “Vandal” which will debut sometime this year.

I’ve always been a huge fan of “Eyewear by Stevie Boi” and now that we (the readers) have unpeeled a few more layers of his awesomeness; let’s just all scream BRAVO STEVIE. If you are unable to catch his show in New York, then maybe Las Vegas or perhaps your craving an international trip to London and then Milan; either way congratulations to this fierce young designer.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit Stevie Boi

Published: Bronze Magazine

A Mothers Open Door

Published: Bronze Magazine

Amber Rose and all that…

She’s the fashion envy of every connoisseur of all things sunglasses; who embraces, and will answer to a bevy of names i.e. “MUVA, BALD HEAD SCALLYWAG, MILF, SWEETHEART, BADASS, FEMINIST and advocate for women’s empowerment”, you can pick any one as posted on her face book page. Nevertheless excluding her most endearing qualities; loving mother to her son Sebastian, and let’s not forget daughter to a loving mother from Philly, who appears on stage (with tissue in hand) to wipe her tears away! In my opinion that breathtaking “Mommy/Daughter” moment of MUVA’s ever so infamous “SLUT WALK” was all that. I had the opportunity over the weekend to view a short video; where apparently at the very end of this highly criticized, yet well publicized event, she gives a very heartfelt speech thanking the audience for attending and supporting her “SLUT SHAMING EVENT”. Amidst all the awe’s from the audience, she continued to give a chronological series of shaming events that occurred in her life from the early age of fourteen; but the minute she mentioned her estranged husband the tears turned into weeping…and I turned into mush, screaming awe she loves him!
Slut walk:
An event supported by many who believe being a victim of shamming is wrong
Well, you must have figured out by now that I dig the bald head scallywag, Yes Indeed. If you really listen to what she talks about during her interview’s it centers on LOVE, ACCEPTANCE OF THOSE WHO ARE DIFFFERENT, EMBRACING YOUR INDIVIDUALTIY and not being slut shamed because of your past. Many people have unfavorable opinions of “Amber Rose” and all that she represents; I personally am impressed that a white girl from Philly (my home town) actually made a fortune capitalizing on her past and probably current sexual indiscretions!
Of course we all know a lot or maybe all of her shenanigans are specifically geared towards
entertainment; for the sole purpose of counting up some commas (getting paid). However, who are we to judge her behavior and how she chooses to earn her money? At the end of the day MUVA Dear, live your best life unapologetically. ~ Dakota Somerville
Vibe Magazine Video Review
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