A single divorced mother of two, with a vision for written expression and a love of pen and paper. Dakota Somerville a.k.a Dakota Vibe has taken her published literary pages to an entirely new level. Her journey began in 2014 with a few published articles in WerkChic Magazine out of Philadelphia, Pa., since then, Dakota Vibe’s mission statement has become clear as quoted;
“I am on a mission to inspire and uplift single mothers all over the world to never give up on their dreams and aspirations”.
Additionally, through self-promotion and lots of networking, Dakota connected with Bronze Magazine New York, NY, as a contributing writer, and a magazine interviewer. Dakota Vibe is diverse in her literary genre, she is magnificently able to capture the readership of the everyday millennial to the staunchest of our senior society.
As recent as February of 2017 she published her first book, “The Power of God Daily Devotional II” a daily bread reading, co-authored with thirty other woman. Followed by the 2019 launch of her solo book series, “Sisterhood of the 30th Street Poets”, a fun and interesting journey of two women who discover a love for spoken word poetry.
Dakota resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia where she is continuing her literary journey, building her brand one article, one book at a time. You can follow this amazing blogger on her social media pages, or visit her blog “Nibbles and Nuggets”.

Twitter: @Dakotasomervill

Facebook: Dakota Vibe

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