The Cougar Effect Unzipped

Still relevant…


Brunch2 ~DakotaVibe

An older woman dating younger men, as a rule of thumb, has forever been looked upon as reprehensible, to a certain degree. Pick up any magazine, flip a page, and unveil a story of how some older female celebrity, just acquired a new boy toy. Society however, loves to celebrate an older man in a relationship with a much younger woman. Blah, Blah, Blah, it’s the same old stereotypical cliché. Let’s take a look at living life as a so-called cougar, from a perspective of experience. Dating and relationships, nowadays, require a certain level of creativity, thinking outside of the box.
About ten years ago, I decided to let go of my prudish concept, of what I was told, a healthy dating life, and or relationship, should look like. At this point in the Single Mom’s game, I had to come to terms with the quality of time…

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Perhaps I should just relax…

Screenshot_2017-11-24-17-45-29 hasta la vista 2017

Spilled Ink…

You beat me up no matter the direction of my effort’s

hand claps to you 2017

You slapped me with a lesson on being humble…and I sat down

hand claps to you 2017

You pulled at my heart-strings until no sound could be heard

hand claps to you 2017

But wait…my dearest 2017

you somehow forgot I am a living breathing phoenix

I Rise from the ashes

hand claps to my new bae 2018

Author: Dakota Somerville

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Tips On Celebrating New Years Eve “Solo”


While binge watching one of my favorite relatable movies the other night, “Single Moms Club”. I became inspired to share five of my must have safety tips on celebrating solo, or sometimes referred to as dolo. 

Oftentimes, we as single Moms get bogged down in the funk of picking up the pieces for our so-called absent parent, forgetting to enjoy one of life’s most celebrated moments.

So ladies, rather than sit at home alone, go out and absorb the spirit of new beginnings. Stay safe, get your glam on and enjoy what the night has to offer.


1) Secure a babysitter: Choose that special someone to take care of your children, someone who won’t be out of sorts if the evening lingers well into the next morning.

2) Pick your holiday venue: One word seriously, ✴UPSCALE✴ I’ve always felt comfortable going out solo to a local upscale spot. Select a place offering lots of ambiance, laughter, art, as well as diversity.

3) The infamous outfit: This may very well be the most important of all five tips. Select your outfit based on what type of people you hope to attract. Keep it age appropriate, sexy, trendy and fun. 

4) Choose your transportation: Take into consideration traffic will be out of control, in addition to an over abundance of state troopers on the road. Do yourself a favor, with all the holiday cheer ahead for the night, set up a Uber or Lyft ride. You can always secure a designated driver, or maybe you feel comfortable driving on New Year’s Eve, in that case I would highly recommend taking advantage of the venues valet parking. For me, I love the thought of not parking two blocks away, then strutting down the street in my sexy club throw down heels…

5) Smile: Ladies, never underestimate the power of a beautiful smile. After arriving with all of your holiday awesomeness intact, mingle around inside until you find that comfortable spot giving you 100% visibility. Order your favorite cocktail -or- a no thank you alcoholic beverage, sit back and watch some real magic happen!!! ~DakotaVibe

Author: Dakota Somerville

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VA *Battle of the Beards* Launch Party


VIP Balcony Beard Aficionado’s

Hampton Roads kicked off its official battle of the beards competition on Saturday, December 2nd at the soulful Jhane’s lounge, located on Granby street in the heart of downtown Norfolk, Virginia. Upon entry, all female guest were greeted with a warm ambience filled welcome from the classic man himself, Mr. George Berry, followed by event directives from a very organized team including a professional photographer.         BEARD9

Keyzia Hendricks-Actions Speak Louder TV, George Berry & Team

This is just the beginning of the beard lifestyle events here in the area, stay linked via social media and be sure to come out and enjoy the quarterly celebrations, beard contest, music and food, all leading up to the ultimate beard festival in October 2018, slated to be the biggest bearded event in all of Hampton Roads.

BEARD2 Jared Jalil Howe


BEARD1 Mr. Beautiful Smile

A well-groomed beard attracts the attention of many who appreciate the art of beard life connoisseur’s, it’s all a matter of taste and style.

BEARD3 Amp Brewer MOT

…The ladies in the building displayed a level of energy you might compare to a front row seat at the hottest NBA Basketball game.



…Bravo to the fabulous queen in all white, the impeccable Alirose Patterson, as she sashayed the event floor, slaying every movement with her black girl magic.

BEARD10 Winner: Big Sam Hunter

Congratulations to the Virginia Beard Fest committee for an unforgettable night of great food, hip shaking music, laughter and not to mention a top-notch “grown and sexy” social setting.  

Everyone was dressed to impress the beard of their particular choosing, while placing a monetary bid during the bachelor charity auction.

BEARD7 Savory Dinner

…We are looking forward to the next battle of the beards event here in Hampton Roads, Va., featuring more beards of all ethnicities from each and every one of the seven cities.


Until the next time, keep those beards healthy and poppin…

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Val Garnes Gregory

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Spilling holiday tea on good eats

DIY for Charity…


Affordable DIY charitable donation ideas…

omelet station.jpg

Foodies, Food Lovers and any one across the globe who enjoys creating unique holiday meals have reached that pivotal menu planning moment. This is also a time of the year that we tend to think more of the less fortunate individuals, such as children, who go about their daily lives making do with whatever in the foster care system. Get started by creating awesome flyer invites to post on your local church or community center bulletin board. You can also post your event information on your favorite social media sites. Now, you’re ready to gather up a few neighbors who would be willing to donate a few food items, along with their time on a brisk Saturday morning, perk up a big pot of coffee and enjoy the fellowship of “Good Eating for Charity”. ~bon appetit~

Jingle Bell Breakfast Bar

Set your table with holiday…

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