Bo Didly and Good O’le Eats


Friday Night Lights…

PBRNorfolk, easily located in the newly renovated downtown Norfolk, Virginia Waterside District, did not disappoint on it’s fun filled V.I.P. Happy Hour guest invitation. I was welcomed with the utmost level of customer appreciation by Nikki, the public relations manager. And then I saw him…Wowzers the cool colorful mechanical bull, I like to refer to as “Bo Didly”, well, okay-okay that may sound a bit extreme, but I can’t wait to visit him again!


Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse was in full effect…

Just on the other side of PBRNorfolk’s  curtain is the fabulous aroma of Good O’le Eats, I’m talking the renowned Guy Fieri’s restaurant and bar. I enjoyed the excitement and flow of non-important bar chatter and gorgeous smiling faces. The menu is extensive, my favorite for the night was a sharable dish of “Ju-Ju” BBQ Crispy Chicken Wings, to pair with my sassy margarita libations!


PBRNorfolk meaning 

Professional Bull Riders has a country western vibe, a very large dance floor and the coolest staff members on deck.

I would reccomend stopping by on your next visit to downtown Norfolk and be sure to check out the entire Waterside District, you too can have that big city bright light experience.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Dakota Somerville

SugAr SpIce and SysTemic PovErty

Screenshot_2017-10-19-23-38-12“I am more valuable than my parent’s government assistance”

No child in the 21st century, living in America…the land of the free, should ever feel economically dismayed before the tender age of sixteen.

Children are a GIFT, it doesn’t get any simpler than that… Mothers who are caught up in the endless cycle of generations of poverty!! You and I know them, the one’s who sleep in the bed’s of rat infested motels with their boyfriend’s, while their young pre-teen daughters have no choice other than to sleep on the cold hard motel floor’s.

Or perhaps you’ve seen their fathers, the ones who go about daily life living in their own mental illness, crushed and destroyed from their own disfunctional childhood. You know them too, he’s the one who secures the government benefits, only to turn a buck “for lack of a better word”.

So what happens when the children come home from school hungry, as most school age children do…only to open up the fridge to nothing but bare empty shelves!

Are you aware that one out of every five children in America live in the midst of this endless cycle of economic systemic poverty each and every day.


How about the family members who want to help, who reach out to the parents only to be met with deaf ears, followed by every level of opposition. Not to mention the DSS child welfare agencies who have intervened repeatedly, with no positive results…what can one do?, not a damn thing other than pray and watch this train wreck unfold. Learned behavior is a BEAST of a shackle; it’s the catalyst to parental chains. Those very chains prevent many unfit adults from developing life skills, seeking out therapy, accepting drug rehabilitation program’s, maintaining responsibility and training to turn their lives around in a productive manner.

As a freelance writer, I am in no way shape or form passing any type of judgement in this blog post, I’m simply exhausted…

“Give a hand up not a hand out”

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Google Images


“Pocketbooks and Rainshowers”


The beauty in a handbag…

October 10th, 2017 has been famously designated to handbag lovers all over the world as “National Handbag Day”, and the fabulous editor and chic beauty blogger Marquita Bianca did not dissapoint. As I entered the Virginia Beach Dillards royal chamber of designer bag heaven, filled with a vast overflow of *Brahmin, Coach, Michael Kors and my heartbeat of Patricia Nash*, I was greeted with a big smile from this lovely sophisticated queen slaying in vintage black and white polka dots, accentuated with sexy red peep toe heels.

Forcasted rainshowers for the better part of the day can never overshadow the beauty in a Brahmin Designer handbag, oddly patterned in the fall color of elmwood palazzo. The Gabriella looks to be a front runner for the classic Brahmin line this season.


Pocketbooks, Handbags, Clutch Purses are many women’s guilty pleasure…

I am a woman who embraces the simple things in life that bring about the most grandeous of smiles that I can muster up on the daily. Hat’s off to whomever came up with this day of recognition for handbag lovers near and far, I welcome  it….

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Marquita Bianca Castano

Photo Credit: Dillards Virginia Beach Va