I need a Vision Statement…who knew?


My vision board is not enough…

Thanks to the overall knowledge shared via @HiTiffanyNicole on Twitter today, and giving sole credit of this blog post to making your vision plain, I learned a thing or two. I’ve been a huge fan of vision boards for at least three years now, but wowzers…it makes total sense to create a vision statement, a work-book, all-inclusive of the things you aspire to create in your life.

I am elated to link up with a vision mastermind who can assist me with thought-provoking and energy filled life details, specifically designed just for me.

…you can learn something new everyday…stay woke 




I’m not a philosopher despite the fact that it is my belief that everyone with a thinking brain, and especially those without, is one, whether it be as a witting one or not. No, I’m not a Philosopher, despite my occasional philosophizing about philosophical stuff, in the same regard that I’m not a Poet, […]

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Come on spring we’ve got plans…

tote bagWE…as in my Betsey Johnson family ties tote bag. Because all things feminine capture my attention, I’ve got you tucked away in a special hiding place. We shall engage upon many daytime adventures, both professional and personal, leaving behind a whimsical vibe of ah-ha moments.

totebag2 Our Spring and Summer weekends will be the coolest, and without a doubt the most colorful with my Betsey Johnson “Bow-Nanza” weekender bag.

Pink has always been it for me, that bright visual energy makes my heart smile. The black and white color combinations enhanced with the bow embellishment’s will for sure make a statement as you enter into any meeting room, lunch event or just a weekend get away with your favorite tribe (girlfriends)…

For the LOVE of fashion designer Betsey Johnson


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Author: Dakota Somerville

Luvvie Ajayi brings it home…

‘Privilege comes in many forms, and being popular is one of them.’ – Luvvie Ajayi After about four months of barely reading anything I’m finally back on my usual routine of actually completing a book before an entire month expires. With time I’ll soon be back on the one book per two weeks steeze too – […]

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