My love affair with Pen & Paper


“You only learn to be a better writer by actually writing.”

Doris Lessing

A few year’s after relocating to Virginia in 2012, I began to feel a burning desire of literary expression. Now wait a minute…this wasn’t just any old epiphany, nor was it a new way of thinking. My love of pen and paper developed many year’s ago, it was just a heartfelt desire I never really acted upon for many reasons, let’s just leave it at the most commonly used excuse in the book, “LIFE HAPPENED ALONG THE WAY.”

And then I met her, “The Traveling Poet” who would have even guessed that two retail co-workers could connect on a level strong enough to encourage each other to pursue our dreams and aspirations, because as quoted by my spoken word muse…every journey has a beginning.

In this short Novella Book, I hope to encourage others to “BELIEVE” there is enough universal light for us all to shine.

Travel ~ Adventure ~ Laughter ~ Energy

Solo Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Miss Dean

Book #2




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