Tiffany Nicole Ross shares her story!



Unmasked in her breathtaking testimony of triumph, educational growth and overall sense of how to change it up; and get things going in the right direction. Our “Authentically You” cover is blessed this month with the beautiful, spiritually sassy Tiffany Nicole Ross. I loved every single second of this deeply heartfelt dialogue, and you the readers will too; so let’s begin shall we…

Q: Tell our readers how you came up with such a powerful cover for you book?   FREE YOURSELF

A: Absolutely; I was sitting down and reflecting on my life. In certain parts of my life I literally felt like I was being held captive in my own mind. And terrible thoughts and emotions would consume me. Hence, the image of me behind prison bars came to me. I wanted it to be symbolic for women that they can be free of whatever it is that is holding them captive. It’s time for women to experience true freedom; all chains broken and no more bars!

Q: Has anyone told you how much your book cover reminds them of the famous song by Tasha Cobbs, “Break Every Chain”?

A: No one has told me that! You are the first! Amazingly enough, I love that song! And it is very much in tune with the overall theme of the book, and the message that I what to get across.

Q: I absolutely love your “FREE YOURSELF” T-Shirts; will we see more colorful pieces added to your clothing line soon?

A: Aww…thank you so much! I actually just decided to launch the t-shirts! The t-shirts will be available starting April 14th, 2016 for purchase. And yes there are several more t-shirts in the works! As a matter of fact you can expect to see quite a few more in the next upcoming months.

Q: Wow! Tiffany…You hold a double degree in Psychology, as well as Youth Ministry. What inspired you to become a published author?

A: Yes! To God be the glory! It took a lot of patience and perseverance. I was inspired to complete them both at the same time. I have such a passion for people. That was the drive behind both degrees. Ever since elementary school I have always loved to read and write. In high school I had the thought to write a book and I started the book and never finished it. A few years ago the same thing I started another book and didn’t finish it. But this time I felt the unction from God to do it now. This time it was all new ideas and nothing like the last two book ideas I had. It was totally different this time. I felt led to talk about freedom. So I sat down shortly after Thanksgiving and began to journal daily and on Christmas day I finished the book! So I completed it in just short of 5 weeks. I feel truly blessed to have been able to do it and in such a short amount of time.

Q: What one piece of solid advice can you offer to our “Authentically You” readers, who may be navigating their way through dating in 2016?

A: Dating is such a loaded topic, but one that I enjoy discussing. Some of the things that I would suggest are make sure you are totally comfortable with yourself before deciding to date.

Allow yourself time to heal from any bad breakups, abuse, neglect, or emotional baggage that you may have carried from your previous relationships. Allow the man to be the man, do not smother him or become too needy. Give him room to be a man and to be alone and give yourself alone time and room to grow as a woman.

Pursue your dreams while waiting for the ring. Don’t allow yourself to be put on pause because you are waiting to get married or thinking a man will change things. And don’t just sit around and wait. *Pursue your dreams while God has you in the waiting period*, honestly it should never just be a waiting period; you should be working. Working on being the best woman you can fulfilling your hearts desires, and everything else will fall into place in God’s timing.

Q: So tell us what fantastic business ventures do we have to look forward to in the future from you Miss Tiffany Nicole Ross?

A: I am also the CEO of Diva Elegance Accessories. My new spring line will launch at the end of this month. All new purses and jewelry will be available for purchase. T-shirts will also be available along with notebooks and various other products that promote excitement and freedom for women.

Be on the lookout for the Free Yourself Book tour as it continues. I had a blast at my first stop which was Atlanta. Montgomery Alabama is up next. Watch the website to see the updates of cities I will be visiting this year!

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Thank You! Tiffany for taking the time to share your wonderful accomplishments with our readers, I’m looking forward to sporting my “Free Yourself” T-shirt around the beach this summer.


Author: Dakota Somerville via Authentically You Magazine