How To Bend Without Breaking In The Dating World


Have you ever written a note to someone reading a little something like this?

“Dear Crush I Exist”

Well if so; guess what, you were bending, even though it may sound a bit childish in the realm of reality. I can almost guarantee with a level of certainty the most intellectual adult female; and yes, our male counterparts too have written those very words at least once or twice in their lifetime. In the grand scheme of things it may seem anti-climactic to even discuss dating in 2016.
The average millennial will tell you emphatically how dating is an old cliché; to quote a few
obtuse comments I’ve recently had thrown my way, “We don’t date…We hang out…We link up”. But for many of us who have been thrust back into this unknown territory, maybe after experiencing a divorce, or perhaps the death of a spouse. A few helpful tips could be just what the doctor ordered.
Remain eternally optimistic:
Just as there are no guarantee’s in life, the same holds true for dating. If you run into a cluster of rotten apples, re-group and consider making some changes in your selection of available candidates.
Become relevant and stay current:
This is what’s commonly referred to as the “It Factor” and what I mean by this is very simple; we live in a busy, fast changing society, there is a wealth of (how to pop your fleekage) information, via today’s internet. Find a local group of singles who enjoy the same activities, conversations and interest as you do, then jump in.
Live your best life:
Self-love is the best way to bend without breaking, not only in the dating world, but in every aspect of life. Hardships with connectivity will ultimately render its ugly teeth; just remember everybody ain’t for everybody! I am currently obsessed with Self-dating and venturing outside of the box, my comfort zone has expanded into the surprisingly pleasant waters of interracial dating.
  • Dating in 2016 requires a certain level of elasticity, to be able to adjust and resume your wholeness after being stretched and or compressed in regards to dating and its many unforeseen disappointments.

    Step out…Step up…Bend…You won’t break.


    Photo Credit: Google

    Author: Dakota Somerville