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Surviving Valentine’s Day Solo…
Social etiquette tells us, February 14th of every year with a certain level of anxiousness, that we should show our significant someone how much we love them. Woman in office settings, find themselves peeping over cubicles with anticipation, every time a flower delivery person arrives with a bouquet of roses. Life!, and its many magical experiences have taught me, Valentine’s Day, should be enjoyed by everyone, giving no consideration to anyone’s marital status. My longtime girlfriends have always refereed to me as, eternally optimistic on the subject of giving and receiving love, as well as the art of self love. Check out a few of my no fail fabulous survival tips for the single ladies, who desire a little “je ne sais quoi”. Get motivated, without any reservations of loving yourself, in the grown and sexy manner you so deserve.
1) Select a florist: Instead of watching all the girls in your place of employment receive
beautiful flowers, with your head hanging down in sadness. Make a conscious effort
ahead of time to order a single red rose with baby’s breath, to be delivered to you. Be
sure to have the florist sign the card, from a friend. This works wonders on that
special day, leaving you smiling from ear to ear.
2) Buy new lingerie: Nothing makes you feel like the most awesome Chic on the plant,
like wearing new sexy lingerie. Shop for something different, and out of your normal
comfort zone, be brave! My personal favorite, beautiful black lace crotch less
3) Plan something special: Remember single girls, this Valentine’s Day celebration is
all about you! And your vast array of choices for the evening. Pamper yourself, just
as if you had a significant other planning a fantastic night full of love and romance.
One of my guilty pleasures, I find most enjoyable includes a candle lit, aroma filled
bubble bath. Not only is this invigorating, it’s relaxing and stimulating to the body, as
well as, the mind. Most importantly, I like to think of “Valentine’s Day” as my day, I love me some me. Self love is the beginning of any venture, or should I say any survival tip. Don’t get your new crotch less panties in a wad; celebrate you and all that you have to offer. Call up other single girlfriends, get your glam on, step out and be great. For those who enjoy a casual encounter, just remember, your grown Chic, enjoy and stay safe.-Dakota Somerville~

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A Mothers Open Door

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Amber Rose and all that…

She’s the fashion envy of every connoisseur of all things sunglasses; who embraces, and will answer to a bevy of names i.e. “MUVA, BALD HEAD SCALLYWAG, MILF, SWEETHEART, BADASS, FEMINIST and advocate for women’s empowerment”, you can pick any one as posted on her face book page. Nevertheless excluding her most endearing qualities; loving mother to her son Sebastian, and let’s not forget daughter to a loving mother from Philly, who appears on stage (with tissue in hand) to wipe her tears away! In my opinion that breathtaking “Mommy/Daughter” moment of MUVA’s ever so infamous “SLUT WALK” was all that. I had the opportunity over the weekend to view a short video; where apparently at the very end of this highly criticized, yet well publicized event, she gives a very heartfelt speech thanking the audience for attending and supporting her “SLUT SHAMING EVENT”. Amidst all the awe’s from the audience, she continued to give a chronological series of shaming events that occurred in her life from the early age of fourteen; but the minute she mentioned her estranged husband the tears turned into weeping…and I turned into mush, screaming awe she loves him!
Slut walk:
An event supported by many who believe being a victim of shamming is wrong
Well, you must have figured out by now that I dig the bald head scallywag, Yes Indeed. If you really listen to what she talks about during her interview’s it centers on LOVE, ACCEPTANCE OF THOSE WHO ARE DIFFFERENT, EMBRACING YOUR INDIVIDUALTIY and not being slut shamed because of your past. Many people have unfavorable opinions of “Amber Rose” and all that she represents; I personally am impressed that a white girl from Philly (my home town) actually made a fortune capitalizing on her past and probably current sexual indiscretions!
Of course we all know a lot or maybe all of her shenanigans are specifically geared towards
entertainment; for the sole purpose of counting up some commas (getting paid). However, who are we to judge her behavior and how she chooses to earn her money? At the end of the day MUVA Dear, live your best life unapologetically. ~ Dakota Somerville
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Love Contract or Nah?


Love Contract vs. Marriage

Thinking outside of the box, is my forte. I love to try new and innovative ways of expressing my love, loyalty and commitment in a relationship. ~ Dakota Somerville

Which do you prefer a love contract or marriage?

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