Two Little Cookies I see you

As I stepped into the elevator, I noticed the cutest little boy holding a sandwich bag containing two cookies, and a one dollar bill. Smiling his way; I said to him, “you’re the man”. Wow! you have two cookies and a dollar bill…he shyly smiled up at me, then quickly glanced over to his brother. It was more than impossible not to notice such beautiful bright eyes. Turning forward; as the door opened on the 3rd floor, I suddenly had an epiphany. Those two little cookies, so neatly dressed in their brightly colored button down shirts, are here to visit with an absent parent. And the woman, who quietly stood in the corner of the elevator was apparently their foster mother.
What seemed like forever and a day, actually entailed only a few minutes. Just long enough to overhear a muffled greeting from a social worker, who whispered, she’s NOT here yet. My heart dropped standing in the elevator that day; watching my two little cookies walking out to take a seat. As the doors began to close, I felt compelled to get one last smile. Waving like a crazy lady, making silly goodbye faces, my two little cookies, slowly waved back.
Tears fell from my eyes and my throat began to close up. Empathy filled with sadness began to take over my daily work flow mindset. As the elevator finally reached the 4th floor, conflicted with emotions; I walked back to my desk, unable to understand why a parent would cause my two little cookies such pain. The vision of those sad little eyes, sparked inspiration in me with a poem and a prayer; “Dear God” I hope she didn’t lie.
~ Dakota Somerville~


two little cookies
two little boys
bright eyes
clean cloths
3rd floor doors open
foster mom smiles
social worker sighs
she’s not here yet
two little cookies
take a seat
energetic wave’s goodbye
praying that she didn’t lie

Photo credit: Kristin Caveleri Google
Author: Dakota Somerville

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