Why every MAN should enjoy #MCM




“Man Crush Monday”  

A social media hashtag set aside specifically on  Monday to show love and or admiration for a male gender person.

Here are a few bullet points I gathered from conversation/research with men ages thirty to sixty:

  • Men enjoy feeling appreciated
  • Men who are social media savvy expect a shout out on Mondays
  • Men are tired of everything special being set aside for women only
  • Men like to be flirted with equally

Well, don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just the pen behind the delivery.

Thank You, to all of the guys for taking a minute of your time to answer my questions today, you are the real mvps!


AUTHOR: Dakota Somerville

PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images




Whisper In The Darkness of Life ✴book snippet✴



In The Darkness of Life…


Wait a minute, it’s 6am on a Saturday morning and I haven’t received my weekly wake up call from Big Bern, hmm..how odd. As I begin my mommy morning things like coffee, breakfast, house cleaning, and all that stuff you somehow intentionally put off until it’s staring you dead in the face, I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t heard from my bestie. Suddenly! my thoughts are quickly distracted by the cutest little smile, followed by a million and one questions about today’s junior girl’s cheerleading practice. After getting my little one’s fed, dressed and ready to begin our day, I decided to plop them down for a second in front of the TV, just long enough to make a quick phone call to Richmond.

Being a single parent keeps you on your toes, that statement is very true, but rest assured it does not mean your always ready. I called that day, asking to speak with my bestie, only to be told by her daughter, “Momma is not here”. Okay I replied, just have her give me a call when she gets home. Well, I’m sorry to inform you, she quietly paused for what seemed to be forever, it’s going to be a long painful wait Debbie, Momma was sentenced yesterday to eighteen months in Henrico prison.

This book will be filled with laughter, love, life and the untimely death of church folks…



Finally the day has come, the phone call to grandma has been clarified and my suitcase has been packed for a waiting period of two weeks or more. Those were her last words spoken before the daunting task of travel and preparation for a long awaited heart transplant. Trusting in the Lord, she uttered those words over and over again, in addition to delegating certain family members to prepare to take her on a shopping spree afterwards to celebrate her extreme weight loss, upon receiving her new vibrant beating heart.

Ultimately the transplant was a huge success, I began to call the hospital as often as possible, longing for the one moment I could hear her voice again.

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months without any chance of a conversation or a hospital visit. You see…the heart kept beating, as the other organs began to fail.

She was my Big Bern, my bestie, my cousin, my confidant, and an awesome lover of life. Her beautiful humble story has inspired me to write a book, titled ✴Whisper In The Darkness of Life✴

I know she is enjoying her dress shop extravaganza up in heaven…as we all continue to celebrate her vast array of memories here on earth.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Dakota Somerville

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Bo Didly and Good O’le Eats


Friday Night Lights…

PBRNorfolk, easily located in the newly renovated downtown Norfolk, Virginia Waterside District, did not disappoint on it’s fun filled V.I.P. Happy Hour guest invitation. I was welcomed with the utmost level of customer appreciation by Nikki, the public relations manager. And then I saw him…Wowzers the cool colorful mechanical bull, I like to refer to as “Bo Didly”, well, okay-okay that may sound a bit extreme, but I can’t wait to visit him again!


Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse was in full effect…

Just on the other side of PBRNorfolk’s  curtain is the fabulous aroma of Good O’le Eats, I’m talking the renowned Guy Fieri’s restaurant and bar. I enjoyed the excitement and flow of non-important bar chatter and gorgeous smiling faces. The menu is extensive, my favorite for the night was a sharable dish of “Ju-Ju” BBQ Crispy Chicken Wings, to pair with my sassy margarita libations!


PBRNorfolk meaning 

Professional Bull Riders has a country western vibe, a very large dance floor and the coolest staff members on deck.

I would reccomend stopping by on your next visit to downtown Norfolk and be sure to check out the entire Waterside District, you too can have that big city bright light experience.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Dakota Somerville

SugAr SpIce and SysTemic PovErty

Screenshot_2017-10-19-23-38-12“I am more valuable than my parent’s government assistance”

No child in the 21st century, living in America…the land of the free, should ever feel economically dismayed before the tender age of sixteen.

Children are a GIFT, it doesn’t get any simpler than that… Mothers who are caught up in the endless cycle of generations of poverty!! You and I know them, the one’s who sleep in the bed’s of rat infested motels with their boyfriend’s, while their young pre-teen daughters have no choice other than to sleep on the cold hard motel floor’s.

Or perhaps you’ve seen their fathers, the ones who go about daily life living in their own mental illness, crushed and destroyed from their own disfunctional childhood. You know them too, he’s the one who secures the government benefits, only to turn a buck “for lack of a better word”.

So what happens when the children come home from school hungry, as most school age children do…only to open up the fridge to nothing but bare empty shelves!

Are you aware that one out of every five children in America live in the midst of this endless cycle of economic systemic poverty each and every day.


How about the family members who want to help, who reach out to the parents only to be met with deaf ears, followed by every level of opposition. Not to mention the DSS child welfare agencies who have intervened repeatedly, with no positive results…what can one do?, not a damn thing other than pray and watch this train wreck unfold. Learned behavior is a BEAST of a shackle; it’s the catalyst to parental chains. Those very chains prevent many unfit adults from developing life skills, seeking out therapy, accepting drug rehabilitation program’s, maintaining responsibility and training to turn their lives around in a productive manner.

As a freelance writer, I am in no way shape or form passing any type of judgement in this blog post, I’m simply exhausted…

“Give a hand up not a hand out”

Author: Dakota Somerville

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“Pocketbooks and Rainshowers”


The beauty in a handbag…

October 10th, 2017 has been famously designated to handbag lovers all over the world as “National Handbag Day”, and the fabulous editor and chic beauty blogger Marquita Bianca did not dissapoint. As I entered the Virginia Beach Dillards royal chamber of designer bag heaven, filled with a vast overflow of *Brahmin, Coach, Michael Kors and my heartbeat of Patricia Nash*, I was greeted with a big smile from this lovely sophisticated queen slaying in vintage black and white polka dots, accentuated with sexy red peep toe heels.

Forcasted rainshowers for the better part of the day can never overshadow the beauty in a Brahmin Designer handbag, oddly patterned in the fall color of elmwood palazzo. The Gabriella looks to be a front runner for the classic Brahmin line this season.


Pocketbooks, Handbags, Clutch Purses are many women’s guilty pleasure…

I am a woman who embraces the simple things in life that bring about the most grandeous of smiles that I can muster up on the daily. Hat’s off to whomever came up with this day of recognition for handbag lovers near and far, I welcome  it….

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo Credit: Marquita Bianca Castano

Photo Credit: Dillards Virginia Beach Va



SEXTABULOUS…she giggles!


Channeling my inner “Jessica Rabbit”

LAUGHTER, maybe perhaps a giggle or two is that thing that gets me through the day. Sexy and any combination of fabulous, “SEXTABULOUS”… gives one the confidence to conquer the strongest of male egos…you know them, that handsome dude around the corner who thinks every woman should swoon at the sound of his voice.

ULTIMATELY, it’s the guy who can tickle my inners who wins the prize of my full and undivided attention. Life is way to complicated in the land of POTUS #45; this doesn’t mean one is oblivious to the seriousness of the current events trending via CNN, it just means I choose balance to level off political toxicity.

We have all heard the saying, “LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE”, one of my favorite ministers told a story of a terminally ill man who began to watch a comedy video on a daily basis…letting out the biggest gut wrenching laugh each time he watched that same video. He had no idea how his laughter was in fact shrinking his massive tumors, I get the moral of the story…LAUGH…GIGGLE…and be “SEXTABULOUS”.

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo credit: Google

A Writer’s Wish List in Black & White

“every freelance writer dreams of the opportunity to sit down at the table of a literary genius”


A clear vision of what you hope to achieve will certainly help to keep your focus in order. While distractions may come and go, the end goal must remain in the forefront of your daily endeavors. It may not be necessary to re-invent the proverbial wheel, your creativity will not suffer if you mimic the literary practices of those who have successfully authored before you.

  • compile your wish list and write it down

  • research writer’s you wish to work with

e.g. (Shonda Rhimes, Lee Daniels, Luvvie Ajayi, Chicken Soup For the Soul, O’ Magazine)

  • read and repeat submission qualifications
  • create for yourself a chart of deadlines

Most importantly kick fear out of the window, step out on faith and go get the writer’s lifestyle you so desire.


Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo credit: Google



never forget “WHO” you are…


Silence awakens her inner creativity

who speaks to my spirit this early morning

I see him glowing through the sunlight

who offers encouragement as a tiny whisper

My patio becomes a bohemian oasis

who loves every beautiful hue unapologetically

I am full no longer lost or hungry

who spoke unto me…never forget “WHO” you are

Author: Dakota Somerville

Photo credit: DakotaVibe


Poolside Ambience in VA…

Brunch1 Live Poolside Artist

One of the most important aspects of life is to know when and how to wind down the hustle. Relaxation, Zen or special moments are necessary to re-charge the mind and body with the energy needed to keep going full steam ahead.

“What A Man” That Dapper Luq, model and host extraordinaire dropped a bit of classy sophistication on the Hampton Roads area of Virginia with his poolside brunch.

Brunch5 Levels of Flyness

As the guest entered this beautiful mansion you could see a look of amazement in everyone’s facial expressions. I actually heard a very handsome young man from New York comment, “Wowww this is soooo lit”, and I sipped my mimosa in total agreement. I came to mingle, look pretty and enjoy the ambience of the upper echelon on the V.I.P. level…Yaasss Lovebugs all of my intentions were accomplished and then some.

Brunch2 Author Dakota Somerville

Listen up! whenever I hear the name drop of “Chef J Ponder”, I know exactly what time it is. Every morsel of food that hit my palate was on one hundred in taste, as well as presentation. I can see a very extensive bright culinary future ahead for this young chef and his team.


Chef J Ponder & Team (every foodies dream)

I must admit…I was impressed with the lovely landscaping, the horses in the background added a certain out of the city experience. The live DJ kept the guest dancing around the pool, giving a vibe of a day party type event. Lounging upstairs in the V.I.P. section was the ultimate Zen moment for me, can I tell you I almost fell asleep.

Congratulations “Dapper Luq” I can assure you every one had a blast.

Author and Photo Credit: Dakota Somerville aka DakotaVibe

Anti-Feminist Comments Create Chatter…

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty Miss District Of Columbia, Kara McCullough, won last night’s pageant but lost me during the Q&A portion of the competition. The rocket scientist turned pageant queen delivered a disappointing response when host Terrence J asked, “What do you consider feminism to be and do you consider yourself a feminist?” Her answer…

via Miss USA’s Anti-Feminist Comments Are Peak ‘Pick Me’ — HelloBeautiful